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Trump backs ‘fantastic’ Boris Johnson and says Jeremy Corbyn would take UK to ‘bad places’

Donald Trump has been accused of interfering in UK politics after urging British people not to vote for Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming general election.

Speaking to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on LBC, the US president said that Corbyn would be "so bad for your country," and "take you into such bad places."

By contrast Trump described prime minister Boris Johnson as a "fantastic man" who is "the exact right guy for the times."

Responding to the interview, Corbyn accused Johnson of seeking to team up with Trump in order to sell off Britain's National Health Service to American corporations.

"Donald Trump is trying to interfere in Britain's election to get his friend Boris Johnson elected," Corbyn tweeted.

Watch Trump back Johnson

"It was Trump who said in June the NHS is "on the table". And he knows if Labour wins US corporations won't get their hands on it. Our NHS is not for sale."

The president insisted that the NHS must be included in post-Brexit trade talks with the US, during his state visit to the UK earlier this year, but later withdrew the comments.

A documentary broadcast by Channel 4 earlier this week revealed that the UK government had engaged in secret talks with US pharmeceutical companies.

Johnson has denied any plans to include the NHS in trade talks with the US.

Trump also urged Johnson to team up with Farage and become an "unstoppable force" for Brexit.

"I'd like to see you and Boris to get together," he said.

"He respects you a lot, I don't know if you know that."