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Two-thirds of Bernie Sanders supporters also would support Elizabeth Warren if she’s the nominee

Roughly two-thirds of supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders would also support Sen. Elizabeth Warren if she's ultimately the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, according to new Insider polling.

The poll found 67% of people who'd be satisfied with Sanders as the nominee would also be satisfied with Warren — the highest percentage of any of the other 2020 Democratic candidates. To put it another way, the Massachusetts senator is the second top choice for Sanders supporters.

Comparatively, less than half of voters (48%) who'd be satisfied with Sanders of the nominee would also be satisfied with former Vice President Joe Biden as the nominee.

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These findings are not entirely surprising given Sanders and Warren largely see eye-to-eye on major issues like healthcare, and they've both been courting the progressive wing of the Democratic party. Meanwhile, Biden is far more moderate on the issues, going against the two senators as they push proposals on Medicare for All, for example.

But it also further discredits the myth of the so-called “Bernie Bro,” or the widespread perception that Sanders' supporters are white, male, and unlikely to support women candidates.

Moreover, it pushes against the notion that most Sanders supporters are “Bernie or bust,” or voters who would only support the Vermont senator. Insider polling actually found that only 13% of Sanders' fans like the self-declared democratic socialist and no other candidate, which is low compared to another candidate whose supporters are seemingly more stubbornly attached to them — including Biden.

To help make sense of where all the 2020 candidates stand, Insider has been conducting a recurring SurveyMonkey Audience national poll. You can download every poll here, down to the individual respondent data. (Read more about how the Insider 2020 Democratic primary tracker works).