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UFC fighter Kevin Lee put his Tesla on autopilot so he could play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ on the road (TSLA, NTDOY)

UFC fighter Kevin Lee put his Tesla on autopilot so he could play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ on the road (TSLA, NTDOY)

UFC Fighter Kevin Lee is apparently a big fan of "Super Smash Bros." — the 27-year-old welterweight shared a video of himself playing Nintendo's hit fighting game from behind the wheel of his Tesla earlier this week.

Lee's video shows him with a controller in-hand while the Tesla drives in its self-driving autopilot mode. While the Tesla Model S can already play video games using the 17-inch dashboard screen, Lee used a separate dock to secure his Nintendo Switch to the windshield so he could get his "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" fix.

To be clear, drivers should not try to replicate Lee's setup. Lee admitted that his mother was upset when he sent her the video of himself playing games from behind the wheel. Every Tesla model now supports autopilot mode, which uses an array of sensors to detect other cars and obstacles on the road. However, Tesla says the cars still require "active driver supervision" and are not fully autonomous.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a fan of "Super Smash Bros" and he hasn't been shy about his desire to make video games a standard part of Tesla's offerings. Tesla's are currently capable of playing at least nine games, and last year Musk put out a recruiting call for video game developers to consider joining Tesla.

Importantly, the built-in games are only playable when the Tesla is parked.

Lee certainly isn't the only gamer to dream of playing "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" on the road. Last week "Super Smash Bros." tournament organizer and illustrator Sydnie Ortiz showed off a "Super Smash Bros." setup she installed in the dashboard of her stick-shift Honda.

The Nintendo Switch is currently the best-selling video game system on the market, and "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" is one its most popular titles.