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Video shows Nationals fans erupting in chants to ‘lock him up!’ as Trump attends Game 5 of the World Series

President Donald Trump attended Game 5 of the World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros on Sunday and was resoundingly met with boos from fans in attendance when he was shown on the big screen.

Once the boos subsided, some fans broke out in chants of "Lock him up!" echoing the chants often heard at the president's rallies, where they are often aimed at his political opponents including Hillary Clinton.

Trump was introduced to the crowd after the third inning, during the Nationals "Salute to Veterans." Fans initially cheered for the service members who were highlighted on the big screen, but quickly shifted to boos when the president was shown waving on the Jumbotron.

Some in the stadium said it was the loudest noise response emitted from the crowd all night.

Trump announced his plans to attend Game 5 on Friday, when it was still not yet clear whether or not the game would be played, as the Nationals could have potentially swept the series. After the Astros won Game 3 on Friday night, Sunday night's game and Trump's presumed attendance became official.

According to Washington's CBS affiliate WUSA9, the Nationals owners had specifically asked MLB to ensure they would not be put in a position to accept or deny a request from the president to sit alongside them in the owner's suite.

While Trump was in the crowd, he did not receive the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch on Sunday night. Instead, renowned chef, activist, and vocal Trump critic José Andrés began the evening, throwing the first pitch to Nationals veteran Ryan Zimmerman.

Trump joked when asked on Friday if he would be throwing out the first pitch.

"I don't know. They gotta dress me up in a lot of heavy armor," Trump said. "I'll look too heavy. I don't like that."