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Watch Ciara Level Up These Iconic Dance Moves

Watch Ciara Level Up These Iconic Dance Moves

In case you haven't noticed by now, Ciarais an incredible dancer.

During Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the "Level Up" singer and Stephen "tWitch" Boss were challenged by guest host Justin Hartley to a game of "Can tWitch And Ciara Dance…With What's Behind Them." The rules were simple: A video would play and they had to mimic the moves seen on screen. Needless to say, their expert-level moves were on full display.

"Make sure we look good," Ciara, clad in a leather mini skirt and heels, joked to the This Is Us actor. "Let's go. We got this."

First up was Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation"⁠—and thankfully, Ciara and tWitch already knew the moves, repeating the difficult choreography like it was a simple one, two step. Next came a clip of kids rocking out followed by hula dancers shaking their hips.

Making it look effortless, the duo performed Britney Spears' iconic "Oops, I Did It Again" dance moves, albeit tWitch wasn't as confident here as Ciara.