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Where Biden and Trump stand in Ohio in the polls 4 days out from Election Day

Where Biden and Trump stand in Ohio in the polls 4 days out from Election Day

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Four days out from Election Day, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, is leading President Donald Trump by about 9 percentage points in national polls and by single digits in most battleground states.

We’re tracking national and state polling on the presidential race, with daily updates on the most notable trendlines.

Here are the numbers to pay attention to on Friday:

    Ohio, which Trump won by 8 points in 2016, is looking closer than ever, with Trump just 1 point ahead of Biden, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average. Ohio has looked increasingly good for Biden. The Cook Political Report moved the state from “likely Republican” to “lean Republican” in June and then to “toss-up” status last month. FiveThirtyEight is also calling Ohio a toss-up. Since 2016, the president has lost significant support among the state’s white working-class voters and among white college-educated voters, particularly in the suburbs. These numbers are particularly concerning for Trump, who doesn’t have a path to 270 electoral votes without Ohio, which has 18 electoral votes.

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