Why Prince Charles Isn’t the Favorite Future King: Inside the Royal’s Complex Relationship With His Sons, Queen and Country

"It's fair to say that there is a deep sense of unease in the royal households about the direction this is all headed," royal sources have told E! News about the reaction to the show, in which Harry surprisingly acknowledged that his and William's relationship had its challenges, while Meghan emotionally admitted, reservedly, that she found much of the coverage of her to be unfair.

There also seems to be "a lot of bemusement within the royal family about what exactly Harry and Meghan are trying to achieve, as members of the royal family do not usually speak in such detail about personal matters."

"I never thought that this would be easy, but I thought it would be fair," the Duchess of Sussex said, fighting back tears. "And that's the part that's really hard to reconcile."

Her long line of defenders, Harry included, has evoked the tragic outcome of the media's obsession with Princess Diana when talking about the vitriol directed at Meghan. But Charles is said to be thinking about his late ex-wife in a different way. He's "worrying about Harry in the same way he did Diana," a source told The Sun.

At the same time, the source said, Charles was "absolutely furious," thinking "that this whole kerfuffle has completely undermined the work he is doing, just as it undermined the work Prince William and Kate were doing in Pakistan."

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