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Why Shenae Grimes Beech “Hates” the Name She Picked For Unborn Son

Why Shenae Grimes Beech “Hates” the Name She Picked For Unborn Son

It’s a name not even a mother could love. Shenae Grimes Beech, who is pregnant with baby No. 2, revealed she and husband Josh Beech have already selected a baby name, but the problem is she’s totally not feeling it.

In fact, the actress, 31, confessed she hates the name they chose and is “genuinely terrified” of naming her son, according to a March 30 blog post for The Damn Thing, titled “I hate my baby’s name.”

“We actually did land on a name immediately,” she wrote. “As soon as we found out the gender, we started talking names and that same day we had one we were sold on. We told all of our family members and everyone LOVED it.”

After her family started referring to her unborn son by this undisclosed name, Shenae realized it was a “BIG MISTAKE.”

“I know I said it was his name and I liked it when we wrote it on a piece of paper and said it aloud amongst ourselves, but now …not so much,” she continued. “Something about the way it came out of other people’s mouths just felt off. I loved it. I loved that everyone else loved it, but I hated hearing them say it. Which would likely become an issue over time.”